5 Surefire Signs You May Need Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Losing teeth cause bone loss over time, affecting an individual’s appearance. Most adults usually lose some of their permanent teeth at some point. While tooth loss can be humiliating, it is more than just a cosmetic problem. This issue may result in shifting teeth, reduced quality of life, and poor overall health and nutrition.

If you have missing teeth and got worried about the issues mentioned above, you may need dental implants. As we get going, we’ll review the signs that you should get dental implants as soon as possible.

When Should You Get Dental Implants?

Are you tired of the slippage and adhesives that come with dentures? Do you have severely cracked or broken teeth and are afraid to smile due to missing teeth? Then now could be an excellent time to think about getting dental implants. We’ve compiled a list of five warning signs to look out for if you’re considering getting dental implants.

1. Changes to facial appearance

If you notice your jaw changing shape or starting to cave in when you look in the mirror, you could be experiencing bone loss. People who wear dentures are most likely to experience bone loss after missing teeth. On the other hand, dental implants promote bone growth, which dentures do not, so this is likely a significant advantage.

If you’ve been wearing dentures for decades or many years, it can cause jawbone deterioration, giving you a caved-in appearance. Fortunately, the dental implant procedure can effectively address this issue by providing a natural lift to your face and improving your ability to talk and chew.

2. Chewing Difficulties

Have you been having difficulty eating or chewing your favorite foods due to missing teeth that forced you to remove certain foods from your diet? Unfortunately, you could become malnourished if you stop eating nutritious foods. However, you’ll never deal with this issue anymore, as dental implants can restore your appetite due to their ability to function like natural teeth.

With dental implants, you’ll be able to normally eat again and enjoy foods that you may have banned from your diet due to chewing difficulties.

3. Chipped or cracked teeth

If you have chips or severe cracks in your teeth, you may benefit from dental implants or crowns. Most dentists do their best to save and preserve the natural tooth structure, but a damaged tooth that cannot be repaired must be extracted. If this occurs, choosing dental implants that function similarly to natural teeth can help restore your beautiful smile.

4. Loose or improperly fitting dentures

Dentures that do not fit properly in your mouth can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, dental implant patients do not experience this because their prosthetic teeth function exactly like their natural teeth. People who have ill-fitting or slipping dentures may benefit from dental implants. Furthermore, dental implants can alleviate discomfort by reducing gum irritation.

5. Tooth loss

As previously stated, missing teeth are more than just an embarrassment and a cosmetic issue; they can also lead to various health problems. Choosing dental implants will make you feel as if you have regained your natural teeth. Furthermore, no one can tell you’re wearing it. Only you and the dentist will be aware of this. Because the visual distinction between natural teeth and dental implants is quite tricky to spot, you can have yours anytime.

Dental implants are the best option for healthily replacing missing teeth and regaining your confidence in social situations, particularly when giving a speech or talking to others individually.

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